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Ongoing research for LCPD – Send in a sample

http://www.westiefoundation.org/currentresearch/dna-lcp.htm The Westie Foundation is working with Clemson University to research the genetic mutation occuring in Westies with LCPD.  Here is what they are asking for: URGENT!  WESTIE DNA SAMPLES NEEDED FOR NEW LEGG-CALVE-PERTHES… Continue reading

Surgery successful

Howie’s surgery was successful according to the surgeon and we should we able to pick him up tomorrow. They will monitor him over night and give him pain medication. I am glad it is… Continue reading

Consultation with the surgeon

Yesterday we took Howie to meet with the surgeon. He made us feel much more comfortable with the inevitable and made the recovery sound less taxing than I had read online.

Effects of anti-inflammatory prescription

Howie has started taking an anti-inflammatory as prescribed by the vet twice a day. He seems to be limping less but I noticed that he still won’t put any weight on the right… Continue reading