1 year: Recovery Update

Hello everyone!

Thank you for following the DWLCPD blog. It has been one year since Howie’s surgery and it has gone by fast! He is doing very well and has resumed normal life, in fact Howie loves to run (even with only three good legs!). He is running with us once or twice a week for two miles and we regularly take him to the beach or to dog park where he sprints around with all the other pups. In general, Howie does not fuss with his leg or scar but doesn’t like to be touched in the area (he is a little scared still we think). Check out the videos and pictures below.


Howie playing in the grass from Hayley Stewart on Vimeo.

Howie Recovery: 1 year (Visits the beach!) from Hayley Stewart on Vimeo.

Howie moves from Seattle to San Diego

Howie dresses up for Halloween

Howie helps his mom study for her architecture license tests

Howie gets festive for Santa

Howie gets into trouble

Howie one year later – all better!