My Reaction to Howie’s Diagnosis

At first I couldn’t believe that Howie had something wrong with him, I had always thought that nothing like that would ever happen to me. I was deeply saddened knowing the pain Howie would have to endure in the future and was very down. He was only a mere 9 months old! How could this happen to my baby, the dog I had waited all of my life to get.

Howie 005Howie at 3 monthsIMG_1706IMG_5017

The next day I realized that instead of cursing the world and being very angry at the breeder (even though she swears it is not in the bloodline) that I was going to have to be the strong one for my pup. I couldn’t go around crying and letting him suffer by waiting on the surgery. I decided there was nothing I could do at this point but to help him in any way I could.